Environment: natural, industrial and urban environments

Environmental challenges relate to various scales: products with low environmental footprints and respectful to the users, increasing urbanization, natural and industrial risks, climate change, etc.

Research activities at INSA Lyon contribute to develop relevant and innovative technical and economical solutions with large scientific expertise.

Scientific expertise

  •  Fluid mechanics and hydraulics
  • Civil engineering and mechanics
  • Chemical engineering, bio-physico-chemistry
  • Urban hydrology and integrated urban water management (IUWM)
  • Treatment and valuation processes: matter / energy
  • Materials and manufacturing
  • Information systems
  • City, mobility, and territorial governance
  • Organisation analysis, production optimization
  • Social and urban analysis of technological systems
  • Actors, networks, and technical systems
  • Lab-scale experiments
  • On site observations and measurements
  • Modeling and numerical simulation
  • Geographical information systems

Main activities

INSA Lyon laboratories act at all scales, from the product to natural and urban eco-systems, especially on:

  • Processes with low environmental footprints and respect- ful to health (management of toxic effluents, recycling and valuation of renewable raw materials, CO2 bio-remediation, reduction of noise pollutions).
Laboratories: ICBMS, IMP, DEEP, LMFA, LVA, MAP
  • Synthesis and use of biosourced monomers and polymers, i.e. issued from biomass, for substitution of oilbased products.
Laboratories: ICBMS, IMP
  • Management of polluted materials and wastes (bio-physico-chemical mechanisms, treatment processes including bioremediation, environmental analysis).
Laboratories: DISP, EVS, DEEP, MAP
  • Management of urban water: production and transfers of water and pollutants, treatment of urban wet weather discharges, performance analysis of urban water systems.
Laboratories: EVS, DEEP, LMFA
  • Urban devices and systems: studies and design, survey systems.
Laboratories: EVS, LIRIS
  • Uses and social practices of technical and spatial urban- systems.
  • Prediction of industrial and natural risks: floods, pollution, fire, sustainability of structures and buildings
Laboratories: EVS, DEEP, LMFA
  • Management, ecology and planning of waterways
Laboratories: LMFA
  • Diagnostic and assistance for the territorial governance
Laboratories: DISP, EVS