Research collaborations

INSAVALOR is your responsive and professional contact for all your R&D and transfer projects with the laboratories of INSA Lyon and ENSAL. Our mission: advise you to find the type of cooperation which fits best your needs.

Various types of collaboration

There are different ways for you to collaborate with us: 

  • Thesis / post-doc supervision (French “CIFRE” programme…)
  • End of studies project (feasibility studies…)
  • Service delivery (studies, characterisation, …)
  • Access to the equipments and expertise of laboratories and technology platforms 
  • Expert contracts, consultancy
  • National and European publically funded collaborative projects
Agréments CIR CII

How do we set up a collaboration: discover the different steps

Are you looking for a R&D or innovation solution?

INSAVALOR supports you from your scratch idea to your project implementation!

Your enterprise needs to carry out R&D, to set up feasibility studies, measures or tests, to benefit from the expertise and advice of INSA Lyon’s researchers…

Just call us and we will take care of the rest!


INSAVALOR is at your disposal.

INSAVALOR is available to understand your needs and present you the existing support and collaboration possibilities for your project.

We guarantee confidentiality and responsiveness.


INSAVALOR identifies the resources necessary to answer your needs.

INSAVALOR puts you in contact with the relevant person in INSA Lyon’s laboratories or technology platforms.


INSAVALOR is your contact for the financial and legal building of your project .

INSAVALOR prepares a financial and legal proposal and offer you the most adapted contractual arrangements. 

Collaboration agreement!


Once the contract is signed, INSAVALOR ensures it is implemented in close contact with the laboratory.

Our team remains your single entry point throughout the project life. We also have dedicated staff to handle recruitment.